“I worked with Annie several times during our years at Pace. I was her first supervisor, and I was impressed then with how committed she was to learning her craft. A number of years later, toward the end of my tenure at Pace, I worked with her again and was impressed at how good she had gotten at her job. Interviewing, writing, editing, marketing, managing—she does all of these well, in addition to being a pleasant and congenial colleague.”—Mark Jost, Freelance Editor and Writer

I’ve worked with Annie on several long-term projects over the past 13 years. She has an incredible appetite for learning about whatever subject matter is at hand, and then turning her keen eye toward finding the real story behind it and presenting that in a way that's clear and concise. She’s a strong interviewer, a passionate editor, and a pleasure to work with.—Alicia Miller, Editor, Four Seasons Magazine, Pace

I had the honor of working for Annie at Pace, and I had the pleasure of working side by side with her, so I've seen firsthand the passion and precision she brings to her craft. She has a writer's mind and the eye of an editor—an incredibly valuable combination. She's also a journalist at heart and enjoys the interview process, which shows in her writing. She works diligently and carefully to bring out the best story and best reader experience to every project she takes on.—Abby Langston, Director of Marketing, Guilford College

"Annie is a breath of fresh air as an editor. Certainly, she would be as a writer. She and I worked on several involved editorial projects for Walmart World and I always knew she'd be unflappable even when things would change 180 degrees on us! She's very detailed, punctual and professional. I'd be happy to work with her again. You will be, too, once you hire her."—Denise Maloof, Freelance Editor and Writer

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